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The Service that is subject to the following agreement is provided by Asieger in association with LiquidNet Ltd., a company registered in United Kingdom, Registration No. 4654498. Asieger Limited and LiquidNet Ltd. will be referred to Asieger for the sake of brevity in this document.
As a Customer of our Services, you need to be aware that, when signing up for an account with Asieger, you accept and agree to abide by our Web Hosting Terms of Service (this document) and our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The Order Form completion of the Service represents the electronic signing of these two documents.
As a Customer of our Services, you understand and agree also that it is beyond the power of Asieger to restrict any public access to the data that you position on our servers and guarantee the security of your files. In this respect, you accept that it is your obligation to protect all the information that you make available to the wide internet public through our web hosting network and assume all responsibility for unveiling online personal data that could be abused.
The order form completion represents the electronic signing of this document.
You should abide by the Domain Name Registration Agreement, which is an indivisible part of this document.